This course will teach you to:

  • Identify best practices and principles for helping kids learn to eat

  • Discover new ways to encourage parent participation in the treatment plans of children with feeding tubes and complex feeding challenges

  • Gain a better understanding of the relationship between responsive feeding and health

  • Recognize common errors made in treating feeding problems that can have a negative impact on their eating and how to avoid them

Course Description


Children with feeding tubes or complex feeding challenges struggle with eating but are also at greater risk for long-term difficulties with both eating and self-regulation. Jeni and Heidi of Thrive by Spectrum Pediatrics share the way their team helps families and children with building trust and enjoyment of food. They explain the use of hunger and other internal motivations to eat, and the benefits of responsive feeding. Through case study and outcome data discussions, they demonstrate how the improved relationship with food facilitates improved oral skills, increased autonomy and independence with eating, and decreased tube-dependency or adult-directed eating.    


Certificates will be issued verifying participation in four (4) hours of continuing education once a passing grade is received on the quiz. Check with your professional organizations licensing bodies to determine exactly what may be accepted for you. This course is eligible for ASHA’s professional development hour requirements. You will not require ASHA pre-approval for this. See here [] for more information. As we are based in Illinois, we are more confident that our events count towards our local organizations (e.g. ILOTA). Our events are not formally submitted through any registry, however if you track your hours independently they may count towards your professional development requirements, and your certificate may stand as proof of your participation. We also submit for credit approval with the Illinois Early Intervention Training Program. This is not required for all states, and may not apply to you. Please refer to your state/local organization for further information regarding CEU requirements and if our events are considered eligible activities by their standards.

Ticket Options

Professionals working with children with feeding challenges: select "Professional access," regardless of whether or not you need CEUs.

If you are a parent of a child who has feeding challenges (do not use this option if you are a professional with children of your own who are not experiencing feeding challenges) or a student who is currently studying to work with this population, please select the "Student or Parent" option.


Thrive by Spectrum Pediatrics

Jennifer Berry, OT/L ( is an occupational therapist, and the owner and founder of Thrive by Spectrum Pediatrics. She has been treating children for almost 21 years and is a frequent speaker on helping children with complex feeding challenges and feeding tube dependency. She is passionate about working with families and empowering them to help their child progress toward happy and healthy eating.

Heidi Liefer Moreland, M.S., CCC-SLP, BCS-S, CLC is a speech therapist who has worked with kids with feeding and swallowing problems for almost 20 years and is currently a treating therapist and clinical coordinator of the feeding tube weaning program at Thrive by Spectrum Pediatrics. She a frequent speaker on feeding disorders in infants and children, using real life stories and examples, along with evidence-based techniques and practices. Heidi loves working with children and their families and is especially passionate about supporting them as they move past early medical and feeding trauma into enjoyable, interactive mealtime relationships.


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